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Malaysia: A new memorandum of agreement in Malaysia will drive digital healthcare innovation, according to industry catalyst CREST (Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science & Technology) and cloud productivity company Microsoft.

The long-term agreement, signed during the Malaysia Telemedicine Conference 2016 at Sunway Medical Centre, will involve the creation of a CREST-Microsoft Health Innovation Hub.

Speaking of the hub, which will be fully operational by mid-September, CREST’s chief executive officer Jaffri Ibrahim said: “Buoyed by demands and aspirations of the Electrical and Electronic (E&E) industry in healthcare, we strongly believe that digital health innovations are at the heart of addressing the healthcare challenges faced by our country today.”

Ibrahim said this “first-of-its kind digital health hub will provide complete, end-to-end services for developers, start-ups and researchers looking to co-innovate and co-sell their solutions, all within the category of health. This starts from conceptualization to creation, and even to the commercialization of the product domestically.”

“CREST, collaborating with Telemedicine Development Group (TDG), is best placed to provide the necessary ecosystem for these innovations. We are thrilled to begin this journey with partners like Microsoft who share a similar vision,” he said.

Five core scenarios

The hub will focus on five core virtual health scenarios – tele-health, smart access, remote patient monitoring, drug adherence, and corporate wellness.

To help reduce unnecessary hospital and clinical visits, emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be used to take health measurements, while care givers can monitor patients remotely.

In addition, cloud-based analysis of data will help to monitor acceptable thresholds to allow caregivers to prompt patients to take corrective action.

“The one key differentiator in this hub is that there is no innovation centre in the region today that has the ability to commercialise the technology created in hubs – even extending our investment to the sales and marketing operations of that particular technology,” said K Raman, managing director, Microsoft Malaysia.

The services provided in the CREST-Microsoft Health Innovation Hub will help interested parties to build on such scenarios by having access to CREST’s IoT Cloud Data Centre (ICDC) Research Lab for prototype development, solution trials, and product demonstrations.

While the hub will be physically located at CREST’s facility in Penang, its services will be accessible nationwide.

 The CREST Connected Healthcare Cluster (CHC) was formed in April 2014 to focus on the application of wearable embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices technology; and the successful commercialization of healthcare products, solutions and services by the Electrical & Electronic industry.

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