Singapore: Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and Splunk Inc. are expanding their partnership to open the new NYP-Splunk Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics Living Lab at NYP’s School of Engineering and expand the existing NYP-Splunk Operational Intelligence Lab at NYP’s School of Information Technology.

This expanded partnership will bring together expertise in information technology and engineering, with a particular focus on teaching cyber solutions and defences to help future leaders and organisations tackle cybersecurity threats.

The collaboration will enable engineers to better gather, analyse and utilise real-time big data collected throughout the manufacturing value chain to derive relevant insights. Engineers will learn how to improve manufacturing efficiencies, reduce product defects and protect cyber-physical systems in connected manufacturing enterprises.

Splunk, provider of the leading software platform for Operational Intelligence, will provide the software, training and technology expertise to NYP’s School of Information Technology (SIT) and the School of Engineering (SEG).

Under a previously-signed partnership, SIT conducted certification courses for Splunk customers in the Asia Pacific region and set up the NYP-Splunk Operational Intelligence Lab in 2013. Moving forward, this Intelligence Lab will also provide students with instruction on how to use machine learning algorithms within Splunk to improve data security, fraud and enhanced cyber security threat detection.

Working with NYP’s School of Engineering, Splunk will set up a new joint NYP-Splunk Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics Living Lab. The lab provides infrastructure, software and development platforms that enable connected manufacturing at a rapid scale to accelerate Industry 4.0 research and innovations. Students will be equipped with data engineering and analytics capabilities for industry 4.0 applications to improve quality and reliability of production across the entire value chain, from design to manufacturing.

“While Industry 4.0 offers huge efficiency benefits and business insights to enterprises, it also creates further complexity,” said Mr Doug Merritt, president and chief executive officer, Splunk.

“The Splunk-NYP innovation labs will bring together the skillsets central to Industry 4.0 to unlock new, data driven, business efficiencies and create solutions to protect industrial control systems from attack.”

Jeanne Liew, Principal and Chief Executive Officer, NYP, said, “The partnership between Splunk and our Schools of Engineering and IT will ensure that Singapore is ready for Industry 4.0 with a strong core of future IT specialists and engineers. Given our reputation as an established training provider for advanced manufacturing and the industry, I am confident our students will continue to be in strong demand here and across the world.”

Source: Networks Asia

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