Singapore: Changi Airport is testing sensors at its taxi stands to track the number of people in the queue and determine the estimated waiting time. The technology would allow the airport to better update commuters on the cab situation during peak periods, as well as alert taxi drivers about any increase in demand, said Changi Airport Group (CAG).

It is part of CAG’s new S$50 million programme to drive innovation over the next five years, to improve the experience of travelers and visitors to the airport.

Launched in partnership with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), the Changi Airport Living Lab Programme would see the airport “collaborating with innovation-driven companies and start-ups, to develop and demonstrate new technology solutions, in a live airport environment,” said CAG.

“This is also best value proposition for a Living Lab where the companies working with us on all these trials are able to work real-time, with real passengers,” explained the managing director of airport operations management Jayson Goh.

“These are the kind of valuable data, customer feedback that they can pick up very quickly and then continue to refine all the applications for the technology that’s being employed,” he added.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by CAG and EDB on Thursday.

The aim is also to optimise manpower and productivity by developing innovations in automation and robotics. One example is the airport’s trial of autonomous robots to clean the floors of the airport terminals.

As part of the Living Lab programme, there are also opportunities to capture consumer analytics which will offer “deeper insights into travellers’ habits and preferences, thereby strengthening the airport’s lifestyle product offerings,” said CAG.

It added that it hopes this approach of developing technology will shorten innovation cycles and allow the airport to stay competitive in the aviation industry over the next five years.

“Building innovation today is critical to transforming our business and operations for the future,” said CAG’s CEO Mr Lee Seow Hiang. “We look forward to partnering established companies and enterprising start-ups to develop cutting-edge technologies for the airport.”

Source: Channel News Asia

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